Our private college counselor will get to know you and your future college student...and find the perfect college fit.

As we prepare your child for college applications, it is important to learn what goals you both have and help to coordinate launching your student to the perfect college that fits them like a glove. We take time to find out about your child's course work, grades, standardized tests, talents (artistic, musical, theatrical, athletic etc.) and special learning needs. Our success is your success! Right Move College Consulting has helped navigate students who were accepted at many diverse schools including USC, Vassar, Tisch School at NYU, Kenyon College, Stanford, Bates, Connecticut College, Elon-Musical Theater, Fordham University, Hamilton, University of Rhode Island, Chapman University, UCONN, UC San Diego, Pepperdine University, Syracuse University (Drama Program) Pitzer, Hartt School for Performing Arts, Whitman, Wheaton, New College of Florida, Wooster, Denison, Holy Cross, Boston College, University of New Hampshire, Clark University, Grinnell, University of Vermont, Guild Hall and London Academy of Music and Drama (special programs abroad), American Academy of Music and Drama.


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Application Advice and Essay Editing

For Parents:  Don't stress!  We help hone your student's college list, support your student meeting deadlines, editing personal essays/supplements and ensuring that your child's applications are filled out correctly to properly showcase their abilities.  Where applicable, we work with your child's college counseling office.  Not only does our team edit the Common Application essays but also advises on topics and submissions that will enhance your child's presentation to College Admissions Officers. We follow-up to ensure your student has applied to "reach"schools as well as to schools that are "likely" for acceptance. For more information see our Services Page.

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Showcasing Special Talents

For the student:  Are you artistic, theatrical, musical or learn differently? If you are an athlete do you need help approaching coaches at universities you want access to? We assist with this process and hold your hand every step of the way.  For the creative or athletic student, from drama school to traditional university, art schools to Division 1 sports universities, we navigate you through the process of selecting schools and applying, building required portfolio uploads, sports highlights videos, and videos that showcases your special skills.  For the bright student who learns differently, we work with you to identify top notch schools with appropriate learning environments in which you can thrive.  We can assist you with preparing videos, portfolios and submissions that make you standout with Admissions.  It is hard work, but it also can be a fun process.

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Make the Right Move: Our Personal Touch

It is just like playing chess.  The college process requires that you make many right moves to get you where you want to go. Right Move College Consulting takes you and your child through the process of college applications from start to finish.  It isn't always easy to get exactly where you want to go, but when you and your child team up and put in the effort, the journey towards college can be thrilling.  Our relationship with you and your child should start early so we have time to plan. That means preferably contact us during the start of your child's Junior year, or at the very latest the summer before Senior Year.  We have extensive experience with private and public school. First we help you to look for colleges that fit you and your child's goals for the future.  We coordinate this search with information gathered from the high school college counselor but we also do our own custom research for your student.  Our team assists you in assembling your CV, writing samples, artwork, musical compositions, photos and videos that can be used to get colleges to notice you. For the music, drama and dance kids, we advise how to put together, organize and upload performances, audition monologues and songs. We prepare the required Resume and Head Shot. If your child is applying to film school, we review the short films and assist you with selection to make the greatest impact. Do you have an artist with a studio portfolio?  This is a very good tool for colleges as well.  We will help you to upload the portfolio and get the pieces labeled properly.  Many colleges now use the ZeeMee.com college web site to further evaluate their students and get to know them better on a personal level. We know how to use ZeeMee for the greatest possible effect on the college admissions team. When it is time to write the various Common Application essays with supplemental essays, we edit and suggest how to improve what your child has put together.  Our relationship with you is personal, as we cheer for your child and empower them to shoot for the stars. Through the process we counsel them to also be realistic about setting healthy goals and finding the perfect fit. Interview prep with presentation materials comes with our package. See our Services page for more information about this.


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